Submit Yearbook Portraits – DUE FEBRUARY 19TH (tomorrow!)

We are collecting student portraits from each grade level for the yearbook. To submit photos, review specifications below:

–Make sure the photo is only of head and shoulders – Portraits with props or animals will not be accepted. Consider using a plain wall or a white sheet as a background and wear dark or bright clothing so your smiling face is the focus. Choose a well-lit room. Sit upright, shoulders back, on a stool or a non-cushioned chair for best results.

–Don’t use any filters – You must be facing the camera with your full face in view and centered in the frame. No side profiles. Avoid odd shadows over your face and find good lighting. The light should be in front of you, not behind nor above.

–Submit only one photo – Your photo must include you and no one else. No photo bombing or group selfies. Do not include hand gestures of any kind.

–Portrait Information should include: LAST NAME, FIRST NAME GRADE LEVEL NUMBER. Here are a few examples of how to submit your photo and name:

One (1) Last Name: Cruz, John 8
Two or more Last Names: Morales Vara, Ana 8
Hyphenated Last Names: Rossman-Smith, James 8

Do NOT email photos. Please check Mr. Taylor’s weekly email for the website to submit and instructions.