Free Science Program to CJMS: Tues. 5/19 at 4 p.m.

The Montgomery County Scientists for Kids is a hosting a new program that will be held on WebEx every week for around 30 minutes (15 minutes presentation, 15 minutes Q&A) during COVID 19.

We will introduce special guests on the live. They will explain what they do, why they do it, and many other things in their field of expertise. The students will be able to ask questions afterwards, and it will give them a base of understanding of STEM careers. I believe this is very important for kids to learn especially during this epidemic because many children are facing a halt in their learning process.

The speaker on May 19th at 4 pm is Dr. Stamper, a veterinarian at the FDA, will speak about her career and exotic animals. This will be an interactive session with video and slides. Students interested in joining this weekly program, should email  for the WebEx information.