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PTSA Welcome & Membership table @ Back-to-School Night, Wednesday 6-7pm

Join our board members, committee chairs and PTSA members to learn more about 2018-2019 programs. Meet Mandy Lemar (GT Liaison, former CJMS and BMES PTA President), Shruti Japee (former SMES PTA Vice-president), Winnie Gao (AtoZ Directory Chair), Lang Lin (MCCPTA Delegate), and Cecilia Maggi (Membership Chair, former CJMS and CSES PTA treasurer).  Winnie Gao and Lang Lin 讲中文 (Winnie Gao and Lang Lin speak Chinese); Cecilia Maggi habla español (Cecilia Maggi speaks Spanish).  The PTSA will be registering memberships and accepting direct donations; payments can be made in cash, check, or credit card.