Thank You All – Last Cougar Clip for the School Year!!

This is our last Cougar Clip for this school year. Another big thanks to the outgoing board members, all the PTSA chair people and all the parent volunteers this school year. Thanks also to Mr. Taylor and the admin team. Thanks all the teachers and staff who have made this year the best yet! Best of luck to the outgoing 8th graders. Welcome to all the rising 6th graders. See everyone in September!

Mandy Lemar and the 2016-2017 Executive Board

Big Thank you to Outgoing PTSA Board Members

We’d like to end the year with a big “Thank You!” from all of us to our outgoing PTSA board members, Treasurer Mary Tousi, Secretary RobBee Fredericks — and especially Mandy Lemar, who is stepping down as PTSA president after 3 years on the PTSA  board.

We cannot thank Mandy enough for all her time, efforts, and stellar accomplishments. Her strong leadership, steadfast commitment, and positive demeanor inspired and encouraged us to step up to support PTSA events and activities. We will truly miss working with her. She is going out on a very high note — and now we all have an excellent role model to follow to keep a strong and active CJMS community!

International Night Review

Thanks to chairs Audre Park, Urvashi Shivdasani, and Debbie Oblon for putting together  a fantastic International Night – here is a review of the evening written by CJMS parent Yin Zheng

“On June 2nd, Cabin John Middle School PTA hosted its first International Night where students, parents and some school staff including principal John Taylor and Assistant Principal Nicole Fortson celebrated the rich cultural heritage of its students. Thirteen exhibition booths representing thirteen countries/region welcomed visitors with their authentic culture, customs, and food. Booths of Brazil, China, Ethiopia, Germany, Greek, Guyana, India, Iran, Japan, Peru, Russia, Spain, and Taiwan attracted hundreds of students and family members. Visitors had the opportunity to taste  Brazilian soda, Spain’s Fideua, Peru’s rice pudding and food from India, Ethiopia, Russia, Iran and more. China’s booth had the most varieties of food ranging from dumplings, rice noodles, egg rolls, and pancakes to delicious desserts. Chinese students also shared the popular games that kids played before electronics were invented. The two people game playing with a closed string with two hands requires imagination, coordination, and problem-solving skills. Visitors especially young kids found the game fascinating! Another foot kicking game playing with a special shuttlecock with one foot also attracted school soccer players. This game tested the flexibility of the legs and body. That is a unique way to train a soccer player on the strength of his or her feet!  Many visitors were also amazed by the Chinese calligraphy performed by a college student from China. While enjoying the wonderful showcase of performance from the stage, the music and dance from different countries, I was so happy to see happy faces inside the Cafeteria. Friends and families, they all appreciated the opportunity that they can learn from each other by sharing their cultures and backgrounds. What a beautiful and memorable night!”

Thank You from PTSA

As we near the end of the school year the 2016/17 PTSA Board wants to extend a HUGE thank you to all the chair people and parent volunteers who helped us this year to make this an amazing year for the kids and school.  An especially big thank you goes out to the following chair people. Additionally, we are so grateful to all the parents who stepped up and helped this year, we could not list them all here.

Book Fair – Susie Block

Box top chair – Gustavo De Rosa

*7/8th grade Career lunches – Kathleen Ervin

Cougar Clips – Venki Venkatesan

Copy Chair – Winnie Gao

International Night – Audre Park, Debbie Oblon and Urvashi Shivdasani

*MCCPTA Reps – Usha Seshadri  and Judy Slotnik

NAACP Liaison – Tamara Bishop

*PTSA Membership  – Petrina Hollingsworth

Reflections Art Competition – Greer Bautz

Restaurant Spirit nights – Karyl Chong

School Store – Amy Pogorelc

Social Media Chair – Rebecca Rutberg

Special order Spirit Wear – Doreen Bunten  and  Amy Wichterman

Staff Appreciation Events – Amy Pogorelc and Linda Bedingfield

Staff Cookie Buffet – Neetu Singh and Jana Safra

*SGA Coordinator – Nanmathi Manian

Back to School Picnic – Reem Najjar and Lisa Mathews

Window Box – Katina Megas

Wootton Coordinator – Sab Shad

8th Grade Class Gift – Reem Najjar

*Positions with a * are needing to be filled for next year. Let us know if you can help!

Important Dates

Friday, June 2, SSL Forms Due

Friday, June 2, International Night, 6:30 – 8:30 PM

Wed, June 7, Int. Band & Orchestra at Wootton HS, 7:00 to 8:30 PM

Thurs, June 8, Adv. Band & Orchestra at Wootton HS, 7:00 to 8:30 PM

Thursday, June 15, Grade 8 Dinner Cruise

Friday, June 16, Early Release, Last Day of School

Congratulations to CJMS’ Odyssey of the Mind Team

Congratulations to CJMS’ Odyssey of the Mind team whose members just returned from a five-day trip to Michigan State University to participate in the world finals, where teams from 34 US states and 17 countries competed on a range of topics testing their creative problem solving skills. Our CJMS team placed 33rd among 72 teams in its division and while there, had the opportunity to attend classes taught by NASA scientists and connect with their buddy team from the Amity School of New Delhi, India, and cheer them onto their 7th place win in their category and division. The CJMS team has been working since October 2016 on Odyssey of the Mind problems and earned the opportunity to travel to Michigan after placing second in the Maryland State competition.

Thanks to the PTSA and the CJMS community for supporting the team’s trip to Michigan and to CJMS’ teachers who are helping the students catch up on work that they missed! And be on the lookout for notices next year when Odyssey of the Mind teams begin forming.

CJMS International Night, Tomorrow (Friday June 2) – All are Invited

We are proud to present our first CJMS International Night on Friday, June 2 from 6:30 – 8:30 pm in the All Purpose Room. Everyone is invited to attend and celebrate the diversity at CJMS. Music, food and culture from many countries will be displayed. Please attend this awesome BRAND NEW event at CJMS with friends and family!

Country hosts will be provided tables to showcase their country. Country hosts may display posters, artifacts, or show media. We encourage country hosts to share foods that represent their culture. You may share an activity that will help guests engage in your country (language, art, etc. like paper folding, basket weaving or henna tattooing).

The performance portion of the evening will showcase music (singing, instrumental, percussion etc), dance (traditional or modern, like jazz) and other performing arts (poetry, plays, misc). We invite our CJMS community to share their talents on stage.

You do not need to be a native of a country to host or represent a country.  You just need the passion to share that country with the rest of us.



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