Have You Joined? Let’s Start November With a FULL PTSA Membership!

Earlier, you should have received an email from our PTSA Membership Chair regarding verifying your information in AtoZ and to sign up for membership in the PTSA.   In order to be listed in the CJMS PTSA Directory, you will need to VERIFY your information by following the steps outlined in that message.  During this process, as usual, we request both the standard MEMBERSHIP fee and a modest DONATION.

We don’t have an aggressive fundraising campaign and rely on our membership drive for much of our support to the school community.  We continue to provide support to CJMS on several programs and efforts detail on our Membership page.  Here are some of the new requests from the school for the 2019-2020 school year.  Collectively, we need to increase our funds by $10,000 to support all of these requests.  Your

Membership is critical to attain that success for our school.  Please email a Membership Chair, Eve Pincus at membership.cjms@gmail.com, with any questions.

Some NEW initiatives requested for 2019-2020:

Through our efforts last year, the school was able to support a major upgrade of the TV Studio and it is now a modern, updated system to benefit the students and the school.

  • Updated technology for the school – The school is scheduled for a tech refresh from the County but not all of it is covered. The school needs our support for new Chromebooks, computer upgrades, and a 3D printer.
  • Curriculum changes and assistance – Novels are part of the new curriculum but the County only provides for in-school books. Additional funding is needed to enable books to go home with the students. In addition, the PTSA supports student financial aid requests and Instructional Aid support.
  • Science Greenhouse – Cabin John would like to start raising funds to support the construction of a science greenhouse, similar to other middle schools in our area.
  • Joining online takes a few steps, but is easy!


Questions on membership? Contact Eve Pincus.