THIS WEEKEND: Nov. SSL Event @Horse Rescue, Sunday, November 3 – 8am-1pm (5 SSL)

Got plans Sunday? Come get some SSL hours in this fun and unique community event!

Sign up here:

Sunday, Nov. 3, for this unique SSL event, kids will have the opportunity to learn what a horse rescue and rehabilitation not-for-profit organization does and meet the horses that are currently being rescued and rehabilitated.  Starting at 8am, the kids will learn how to ‘muck out’ a barn where the horses live.  At 9:30am, kids will help re-map a stream flowing through the property by digging a trench.  For RSVPs over 25, there may be a barn painting project as well.  Please go to the signup for all the details!  Don’t miss this exciting opportunity for your kids to meet rescued horses and the compassionate people that rescue them.