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The PTSA’s Nominating Committee is Looking for Board Member Candidates for the 2019-2020 School Year!

The PTSA Nominating Committee (Abigail Luo, Brenda Lee, and Cecilia Maggi) is seeking interested volunteers to be candidates for next year’s PTSA Board. Positions sought include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and MCCPTA Delegates. Please submit your self-nomination or nomination for others to Abigail at by April 10! Parents to incoming 6th graders for the 2019-2020 school year are welcome. Other nominations for candidates are also welcome and can be made on election day at the May 14 PTSA meeting.


In your email to Abigail, please include some basic information:

  • What would you hope to contribute to Cabin John and/or the PTSA?
  • What prior experience can you share that related to PTSA work?
  • Are you able to sustain the commitment of a modest amount of time across the whole year?
  • Student grade in 2019-2020 year and your home elementary school.
  • Your name and email address, phone number (optional) [This is for easier compiling of information]

Summary of Process

In brief, the process is as follows: the Nominating Committee will propose a slate for the seven positions (President, two Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, and two MCCPTA Representatives), based on the nominations received. The Nominating Committee may or may not contact individuals. The slate will be posted online and sent by email on April 14.

There are also positions on various committees (see, for which we will solicit volunteers at a later date. Please let us know if you would like us to add your name to the list if not placed on the board member slate.

Brief thoughts on the job descriptions from the outgoing President

Note on the workload: Elementary schools seem to me to be much more active in their PTAs than at CJMS.

The President role is a busy one, in particular in the September timeframe, and is sustained throughout the year, and involves a fair amount of interaction with the principal, school staff, companies the PTSA works with, and, of course, parents.

In contrast, the VP roles can be done minimally by someone who spends only a few hours a month joining in at our meetings (Board meetings, general meetings, and school meetings), but can contribute more time by helping to drive the PTSA business forward. The key thing is really to be committed for the year; the workload is not that substantial but there is a steady flow of emails to keep up with.

For the Treasurer, on the other hand, the workload is larger (spending money, doing accounting, filing necessary financial paperwork), but the expectation is that the Treasurer has less direct involvement with PTSA activities and can do much of the work on his/her own schedule.

The Secretary can be ‘recording’ (basically taking minutes) or ‘corresponding’ (additionally handling some aspects of communication) depending on their desire for involvement.

The MCCPTA Representatives are supposed to keep tabs on the MCCPTA (daily emails, in part), attending monthly meetings, and report at the CJMS board meetings; since there are two, they split the job.