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PTSA Officers for 2018-19 – Election results

At yesterday evening’s general meeting, the slate below of candidates for next year’s officers was provided by our hard-working Nominating Committee of Amy Quackenboss, Shruti Japee, and Sadaf Navabian – many thanks to them! The slate was approved by vote of the membership.  The Officials-elect look forward to working with you to enable a great year of student activities, staff support, community events, and school improvements!
President – Dominic Benford (incumbent; current 7th graders from Bells Mill)
VP1 – Eve Pincus (rising 6th grader from Matsunaga ES)
VP2 – Nicole di Resta (current 7th grader + rising 6th grader from Seven Locks)
Treasurer – Laleh Sarkeshik (current 6th grader from Seven Locks)
Secretary – Elizabeth Whitman (incumbent; current 7th grader from Cold Spring / Bells Mill)
MCCPTA delegate – Lang Lin (rising 6th grade from Bells Mill)
MCCPTA delegate – Prashila Dullabh (currently MCCPTA Delegate for Stone Mill; rising 6th grader from Cold Spring)