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Churchill Cheer – Interesting Meeting On June 5th and Clinic on June 9th

Are you interested in trying out for Churchill Cheer?  Come to the interest meeting for current and incoming cheerleaders AND parents on Tuesday, June 5th at 5:30pm in the Churchill cafeteria.  You will receive information about tryouts and what to expect for the 2018/2019 season!

The Churchill Varsity Cheer team will be holding a cheer clinic on Saturday, June 9th from 2-5pm!  The clinic will take place at Shockwave Allstars in Rockville!  Participants will be broken up into age groups and will learn age appropriate routines which will include a cheer, dance, jumps and supervised stunting.  The cost is $50 per participant.  ALL are welcome!  No cheer experience necessary! Click here to download the registration form or Email for more information.  Come join us!!!