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Arts Reflections Projects Due Tomorrow – Friday, Nov. 10!

This year’s theme is “Within Reach.” Students may submit original works of art in one or more of the following categories: Dance Choreography, Literature, Photography, Film Production, Musical Composition and Visual Arts.   Entries are a two-step process and must include:

1)      Completed student entry form and artist statement – paper version. This and the contest rules can be downloaded at

2)   YOU MUST INCLUDE A CD WITH ENTRY: A CD that includes a photo of the student entry form and artist statement (just an iphone photo saved to a CD will work) that is labeled with the student’s name, school, title of entry written on the disc. This is a mandatory step and I cannot deliver to the MCCPTA level without a disc containing this information.

Please read the submission rules carefully as each category has different guidelines and they will disqualify entries that are not submitted correctly!

Entries and completed submission forms must be submitted by Friday, November 10 to Mrs. Sonia D’Agnese (Art Teacher) Room.  For questions or further information, please contact Greer Bautz, Art Reflections, Chair, CJMS at